Welcome to Len Babb Saddle Co.

Welcome to the Len Babb Saddle Co. page, we hope you enjoy looking.  We customize in handmade bulit saddles in anyway you chose or pick one from one that we have on hand. 

We are your contact partner when it comes to individual styling which will make you feel good. Our store provides you with a large selection from which to choose items that meet your taste. When doing so, we will help you combine different products and will advise you professionally, competently, and comprehensivley.


We are here to make your custom saddle order as painless as possible!


Come and talk to us, we are there for you!

You may also call or email us at anytime.

The saddles below are just a few that we have built in the past!


In our selected assortment, you will find different styles and colors of chaps.

About Us

We have been building saddles for over twenty-five years, using nothing but the finest materials available.


Where to find us:

Len Babb Saddle Co.
659 Mill St
PO Box 127
Paisley, OR 97636

Phone: +1 541 943-3263

E-mail: lenbabbsaddles@yahoo.com

Mon.- Fri. 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m